Action Participants

Researchers, engineers or scholars who actively participate in a COST Action.

Participants in 1st TIDES Advanced Training School (2015)
Participants in 2nd TIDES Advanced Training School (2016)

Action Management Committee Members

A group of researchers, engineers or scholars nominated by the COST National Coordinators, in charge of the coordination, implementation and management of an Action's activities as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funds with a view to achieving the Action's scientific and technological objectives. 
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Action Chair and Vice Chair

They are elected from amongst the Action's MC members. The Action Chair is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Action. The Action Vice Chair assists in these activities where requested to do so by the Action Chair and can substitute for the Action Chair when required or mandated to do so.
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MC Observers

A researcher, engineer or scholar observing a COST Action's coordination and decision making process and activities on behalf of his/her institution of affiliation.
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Action Grant Holder

A legal entity, of which one the the MC members must be affiliated to, elected by the MC to oversee the financial management and the various coordination tasks required to successfully support the implementation of approved COST activities. 
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What countries are part of TIDES?


Who is part of TIDES Management Committee?

Chair of the Action: Dr. Andrea Morelli
INGV Bologna, IT;

Vice Chair of the Action: Dr. Jean-Paul Montagner

Science officer of the Action: Dr. Deniz Karaca
COST Assn., Bruxelles, BE;

Admin. officer of the Action: Dr. Tania Gonzalez Ovin
COST Assn., Bruxelles, BE;

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Who is the Grant Holder
of the Action?

The Grant Holder is INGV Bologna, Italy:
Sezione di Bologna, Via Donato Creti, 12 - 40128 Bologna, Italy

G.H. Scientific Representative: Dr. Lucia Zaccarelli
INGV Bologna, IT;

Grant Manager: Dr. Francesco Caprara
INGV Bologna, IT;