Meeting Types


COST supports different categories of meeting as part of its "Meeting" networking tool.

All meetings are expected to have a specific agenda and minutes. The minutes of the meetings should be uploaded on the COST Action's website and sent to the Science Officer.


Management Committee Meeting

MC meetings aim at coordinating and organizing the Action’s activities.

The MC is comprised of up to 2 MC members per Participating COST Country. A MC member should always inform their ACtion CHair and Grant Holder that their officially nominated MC substitute will be replacing them at relevant MC meeting.

Up to 2 MC members or their substitutes are elligible to be reimbursed for their attendance at MC meetings.

MC Observers from approved Near Neighbour Country Institutions are eligible to be reimbursed for their attendance at MC meetings. 


Core Group Meeting

CG meetings aim at achieving the scientific objectives of the Action.

The Core Group is composed of: The Chair and Vice-chair, the Working Group leaders, the Scientific representative, the STSM representative and the Dissemination representative.



WG Meeting

WG meetings aim at achieving the scientific objectives of the Action. They generally involved a reduced number of participants (15).

Any Action Participant from Participating COST countries, approved Near Neighbour Country Institutions or European RTD organisation, invited speakers from Participting COST countries and up to 4 invited Speakers from non-participating COST country or non-approved Near Neighbour Country Institution are eligible to be reimbursed for their attendance at WG meetings. 

NB: Invited Speakers can participate to one Action meeting throughout the lifetime of an Action.


Dissemination Meeting

Dissemination meetings aim at presenting the Action’s achievements and activities at high profile events or conferences.

All eligible Action representatives must make an oral presentation at the conference in question and must be listed as a speaker in the official event or conference programme.

Any action participant from participating COST country can participate and is elligible for reimbursment of the expenses incured.


Financial Support


COST support covers :

  • organisation of the meeting (excluding Dissemination meeting)
  • participation to the meeting

Note that this support is given after the meeting and upon attendance of the whole meeting period.


Local organiser

Can be claimed for all meetings except Dissemination meetings.

The following items can be reimbursed:
general support required for the organisation such as meeting room rental, lecture materials, secretarial support, coffee breaks, technical equipment as well as consumables specifically purchased for the meeting (see Vademecum p27-29).

Participant Support

The following items can be reimbursed:
travel/accomodation and meal expenses in line with the rules detailed in the Vademecum p21-24 :

  • max EUR 120/night
  • max EUR 20/meal
  • max EUR 1200 for air fairs (economy class tickets!)
  • cross-borders Train/bus travel (second class tickets)
  • cross-borders car travel (up to 2000km for the entire journey): EUR 0.20/km for one travelling participant / EUR 0.3/km for two travelling participants (only the driver is reimbursed)
  • local transport expenses

Note that lecture fee is not elligible for reimbursment (except for Dissemination meetings).