Time Dependent Seismology

TIDES (TIme DEpendent Seismology) is an Action supported by the COST Association, aiming at structuring the EU seismological community to enable development of data-intensive, time-dependent techniques for monitoring Earth active processes (e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, glacial earthquakes) as well as oil/gas reservoirs.

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Scientific Scope

Seismology is learning to use the full-length records of seismic events and background ambient noise to go beyond still-life snapshots of the interior of the Earth, and look into time-dependent changes of its properties.

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A COST Action is a science and technology network funded over a four-year duration requiring the participation of at least five COST Countries. It is organised through a range of networking tools aiming at the achievement of the objectives of the Action. Action Participants whose primary affiliation is in an institution located in a COST Country can participate in a COST Action once their respective country has accepted the MoU of the respective Action. You can see, next, the current list of countries that have joined TIDES as formal Parties.


Country Date Status
Austria 14/10/2014 Confirmed
Belgium 25/11/2015 Confirmed
Bulgaria 17/07/2014 Confirmed
Czech Republic 27/08/2014 Confirmed
Finland 15/10/2015 Confirmed
France 26/06/2014 Confirmed
FYR Macedonia 15/10/2015 Confirmed
Germany 20/05/2014 Confirmed
Greece 16/02/2015 Confirmed
Iceland 15/10/2015 Confirmed
Ireland 27/08/2014 Confirmed
Italy 31/07/2014 Confirmed
Luxembourg 29/09/2014 Confirmed
Malta 14/10/2014 Confirmed
Netherlands 02/06/2014 Confirmed
Norway 10/07/2014 Confirmed
Poland 01/04/2015 Confirmed
Portugal 03/07/2014 Confirmed
Serbia 27/01/2016 Confirmed
Slovakia 19/09/2014 Confirmed
Spain 22/05/2014 Confirmed
Sweden 09/09/2014 Confirmed
Switzerland 05/09/2014 Confirmed
Turkey 28/02/2015 Confirmed
United Kingdom 27/05/2014 Confirmed

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Management Committee

MC Chair Dr Andrea MORELLI (IT)
MC Vice Chair Prof Jean-Paul MONTAGNER (FR)

Country MC Member
Austria Prof Götz BOKELMANN
Austria Prof Florian BLEIBINHAUS
Belgium Dr Thomas LECOCQ
Bulgaria Dr Gergana GEORGIEVA
Bulgaria Dr Reneta RAYKOVA
Czech Republic Dr Jaroslava PLOMEROVA
Finland Dr Timo TIIRA
France Prof Jean-Paul MONTAGNER
France Prof Michel CAMPILLO
FYR Macedonia Dr Aleksandra BOGDANOVIC
Germany Prof Heiner IGEL
Germany Prof Torsten DAHM
Greece Prof Anthony C. BOUCOUVALAS
Greece Dr Gerasimos CHOULIARAS
Iceland Prof Pall EINARSSON
Ireland Prof Christopher BEAN
Luxembourg Dr Adrien OTH
Malta Dr Pauline GALEA
Malta Dr Matthew AGIUS
Netherlands Prof Jeannot TRAMPERT
Netherlands Dr Arwen DEUSS
Norway Prof Valerie MAUPIN
Poland Dr Blanka NITA
Portugal Prof Graça SILVEIRA
Portugal Dr Carlos CORELA
Serbia Dr Aleksandra NINA
Slovakia Dr Jozef KRISTEK
Slovakia Prof Peter MOCZO
Spain Dr Daniel STICH
Spain Dr Martin SCHIMMEL
Sweden Prof Olafur GUDMUNDSSON
Switzerland Prof Andreas FICHTNER
Switzerland Prof Domenico GIARDINI
Turkey Prof Tuncay TAYMAZ
United Kingdom Dr Ana FERREIRA
United Kingdom Prof Karin SIGLOCH

Country MC Substitute
Austria Dr Florian FUCHS
Finland Dr Annakaisa KORJA
Malta Ms Daniela FARRUGIA
Malta Mr Sebastiano D'AMICO
Norway Dr Andreas KOLHER
United Kingdom Prof Tarje NISSEN-MEYER
United Kingdom Dr David AL-ATTAR